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This workbook style set of question and answers is a MUST READ for any couple wishing to achieve a long-term rewarding relationship.  This is my latest book:  “101 Answers For my Beloved, the Necessary Questions to Create, ‘Happily Ever After.”
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The Ripple Effect Game

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you a revolutionary book and game called The Ripple Effect Game for Personal and Planetary Transformation. This book generates personal breakthroughs while having loads of fun.  It will help you: 

*  redirect your focus

*  turn any breakdown into a breakthrough

 * tune into the positive on a daily basis, and

*  develop your creativity. “Play The Game * Be The Shift!”

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My 1st book, You Get There By ~Being There~

This compilation of original spiritual quotes came to me during moments of contemplative stillness and meditation. Matched with beautiful photographs, it’s a great a coffee table gift. Click on the book to buy or read.


You Get There By Being There
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These are my divinely inspired paintings

Inspiration hit me and I took an art class. Lo and behold I learned I could paint!

This is a Monet of Monet’s Pond with Lily Pads by Cindy M. White. It is in the proud possession of my Dad, David V. White, who looks at it beside his computer every day~



Another divinely inspired painting

This is Hendry’s Beach at sunset facing north west. It has been lovingly gifted to my Mom, Darlene L. White who put it in her guest room. (So guess who gets to see it when she comes to visit mom?)



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  1. Wow, soothing and stunning. Peaceful movements with nice music 😉
    Thank you Cindy and Deborah!

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